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This page collects links to swedish high quality art homepages, focusing on young artists.
209 swedish artists represented.

Please note that not all these pages have an english version.

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Swedish art recommends: Swedish artists' own homepages (A-Ö):


Kristoffer Zetterstrand !
Kristoffer Zetterstrand fighter


Veronica Brovall
veronica brovall


Martin Ålund


Åke Nilsson


Peter Köhler


Johan LöfgrenjOHAN lÖFGREN


Andreas Ribbung


Hanna Beling


Ulf Rollof


Jacob Dahlgren



































Abrahamsson, Malin -Painting, drawing, silc-screen

Alexandersson, Magnus - Painting, drawing

Andersson, Annika - Painting, drawing.

Andersson, Björn - BCA69 - Your friendly drugstore!

Andersson, Åke E - Realistic, figurative painting

Antonsson, Tove Siri - Illustrations, sculptures,paintings,graphic art.

Appelgren, Sara - Photo

Arkel, Matthias van - painting, objects

Attnäs, Magnus - painting

Backhaus, Peter -performance,painting,texts

Bankier, Channa -Photoshop pictures

Beijer, Roland - Painting, installation, photo, projects, sculpture

Beling, Hanna - Sculptor.

Berger, Stefan - Painting

Bergström, Johan - Photo

Bergqvist, Mats - Sculptures, prints

Bernstrup, Tobias - Performances, videos, texts, pictures, RealAudio, links.

Bigert och Bergström - Art projects

Billgren, Ernst - Painting, Sculpture

Björk, Alf - Abstract tempera painting

Björs, Ida - Superillustration

Blom, Conny - Installations, sound, photo

Blomqvist, Daniel - Grafitti

Blåder, Jesper - painting

Bogaard, Tom - Painting

Boqvist, Anders - Art projects

Borén, Roland - Constructivist sculpture and painting

Bosiö Karlgård, Susanne - Decorations

Brandqvist, Olle - Sculpture.

Broomé, Thomas - Computer art, painting, drawing, sculpture.

Brovall, Veronica - Sculptures, collage

Bunes, Sonja - Digital images, drawings, paintings, sand sculptures

Carlgren, Anna - optical phenomenas....

Carlsson, Tommy - Painting.

Ceder, Stefan - måleri

Clarhäll, Lenny -Projects, public works

Dahlgren, Jacob - Painting, sculpture

Dahlqvist, Jan - Artist.

Dahlström, Håkan -Sculpture.

Daniel, Lajos - Portrait painting

Davidsson, Eric - foto

De Wilde, Nanna - objects, drawings, photo

Drott, Johan - Digital distortion, old school computer graphics

Dziurlikowska, Magdalena - Installations, video, performance, painting.

Duhm, Boris - Multimedia

Duke, Peder - Abstract compositions.

Döbling, Lotta - Painting, video

Eckhardt, Horst - Watercolours, graphics, drawing, graphic design.

Edetun, Thomas - Painting

Edfalk, Ingemar - Painting, commersial illustrations and photography

Ekegren, Stellan - Painting, graphics, sculpture..

Ekesiöö, Henrik - painting

Ekman, My - Painting, sculpture

Englund, N. Jonas - Acrylic paintings

Enoksson, Per - måleri

Eriksson, Jan-Anders - Oilpainting, Jazz, and more...

Eriksson, Jesper - Sculptures, paintings.

Erixån, Annika - Glass sculptures, concrete and digital 3d techniques.

Eronn, Hans - Architect, stonedesigner, sculptor

Ersson, Linus - installations, skulpture.

Ferling, Gun - Paintings, drawings, graphic design.

Fihn, Carina - Photo, Graphics, video, installations, sound.

Fogelberg, Cecilia - painting, drawing, scupture.

Fogelberg, Kaj - Ceramics

Fornhed, Ann-Charlott - Sculpture.

Frank, Bengt - Design, vinyl painting, logotypes

Friberg, Maria - Photo

Friis, Allan - tempera and oilpainting

Frostner, Björn - Måleri, teckning.....citat "I choose to live not in fear, I fear you not. I love you and shall set you free. My art is love for you – now walk in peace my friend and fear not."

Furderer, Nick - Paintings, 3d works.

Gauffin, Gunnar - Scenography.

Germeraad, Gert - Realistic sculptures

Gillmor, Emma - Paintings.

Gimstedt, Björn - Sculptures, paintings and artcraft in iron.

Gyllander, Patrik

Hadad, Alexander - Cheramic, wood and plastic scuplture

Haddadi, Bardia - Water colour paintings

Hallberg, Anna Viola - photo, video, installation

Hallberg, Maria - photo

Hansson, Gunilla - Watercolours, installations, public works

Hammoud, Carl - Painting

Hamrin, Ingela - Painting

Hedberg, Andreas - Painting. Landscapes, portraits, wildlife.

Hedlund, Bodil - Painting

Hegardt, Björn - foto, teckning, installation

Heisser, Cecilia - Videos, photographies.

Heldén, Johannes - Projects, installations, sound

Hellberg, Gustav

Hellsten, Jonas - Acrylic painting.

Hesselberg, Susanna - photo

Hoflund, Daniel - installation, skulptur

Holm, Johan - Photo art.

Holmlund, Karolina - Projekt, installationer, måleri

Holmberg, Kerro - Paintings

Holmer, Emil - Paintings

Hylander, Torsten - Collage and graphics

Hårdstedt, Erik - painting, drawing, portraits

Hårdstedt, Erik - painting, drawing, portraits

Härenstam, Mattias - video art, installation, sculptures, photography.

Immonen, Christian -painting, drawing, objects, photo, video

Isaksson, Hans - Sculptures, installations.

Jacobsson, Kerstin - Paintings and embroidery.

Jansson, Holger - Abstract painting.

Jansson, Peder - sound work, photography, ilfochrome prints and video

Jerhammar, Lars - Digital organic images

Johannesson, Sture - Concept art, posters....

Johannisen Ryn Eva - Abstract oilpainting

Johansson, Bengt - Painting

Johansson, Stefan - painting

Johansson, Torbjörn

Jokela, Leena - Installations, photography

Jonsson, Carolina - video, drawing

Jonsson, Carolina - video, drawing

Josefsson, Roger - Painting

Jurell, Torsten - Sculpture, paintings, graphics.

Jögi, Pontus - Painting, video.

Karlsson, Donald - Oilpaintings

Karlsson, Conny - Video, installation

Karlsson, Linda - painting

Karlsson, Stefan - Art projects.

Karlsson Rixon, Annica - photo, video, installation

Kennedy, Krister - drawing

Klintman, Rose-Marie - Paintings

Konttinen, Mikael - Installations, digital media

Kostrubala, Alexandra - projects

Kristalova, Klara - Sculpture, images, public works.

Kristenson Aurelius, Angelica -Painting alla prima.

Kucharska, Alexandra, - Sculpture, photo, installations

Källman, Jenny - Photo

Köhler, Peter - Painting

Lager, Malin - Textile art.

Langendoen, Nic - Painting

Larsson, Annika - Videoart

Larsson, Monica - Art, photo, soundinstallations, sculpture, objects.

Leander, Gunilla - video, ljud, installationer m.m.

Lindberg, Fredrik T - Painting, streetart

Lindberg, Fredrik - Painting

Lindberg De Geer, Marianne - Art, Scenography

Lindblad, Stefan - Art and illustrations.

Lindqvist,Per Pegen - Art projects. -See daily monochromes!

Ljungkvist, Rickard - Classical realistic painting

Lundberg, C M - Drawings

Lundberg, Mikael

Magnusson, Jenny - sculpture, installation

Malmdin, Peter - Painting

Mattsson, Leif - Paintings, logotypes

Mikael Kihlman - Graphic works, paintings, curriculum vitae.

Milton, Daniel - Painting

Mutanen, Helena - Sculpture

Nilsson, Jonas - Conceptual art, video, objects, installations.

Nilsson, Åke - Retrospective over the years 1964 - 1999. Figurative, surreal paintings.

Norddahl, Jesper - Video

Nygårds, Susanne

Ohlsson, Caroline - Painting, drawing

Olsson, Tommy - Performances, videoart etc.

Palm., Malin - painting

Peirone, Julia - photo, video

Persson, Roland - public works, sculpture, drawing

Pils, Kenneth - Paintings, graphics, drawing, art projects.

Raud, Pontus - Graphics, painting, videoart

qnq - contemporary art (clothes, video, installation, design, music, materialism and terror)

Rasimus, John - Video, animation, drawings, graphics

Ribbung, Andreas - Painting

Richter, Michael - Contemporary swedish art.

Robertsson, Leif - images.

Rollof, Ulf - Projects, sculpture, drawing, video, photo

Runesson, Kalle - Acrylic paintings, photography Nordic Hell

Rydberg, John - painting

Rydstern, Mats - Painting

Sederowsky, Dana - Photo, video, performance

Selander, Lina

Simonsson, Gunnar - Steelmesh scultures

Slettemark, Kjartan - Painting, sculpture, video, body art .....

Smedberg, Fritz

Snedsbøl, Erik - Photography, installations, performances

Stahle, Hanna - Sculpture

Stampe, Joakim - Objects, painting

Stephensen, Hreinn J

Stigmark, Karl-Johan

Stjernman, Neringa - Painting, graphics, objects.

Strid, Hardy - Biography, Gallery, Collection

Sträng, Per Arne - Artprojects

Sundberg, Svenolof - Objects

Sundqvist, Fredrik - painting

Sundstedt, Bertil - painting

Svenberg, Kristoffer

Svenungsson, Jan

Svensson, Anna - Sculpture, Installations

Svensson, Sven Åke - Landscape painting.

Sångberg, Per - Painting

Thörn Legzdins, Annika - Photography

Toft, Joel - painting

Törner, Stefan - painting, objects, installations

Von Bergen, Helena - public spaces, performances, photo

Vestergård, Fredrik

Wallin, Annelie - Performance, animation, sculpture

Wangen, Bjørn - Painting, Installations, webbprojects.

Warren, Tony - Realistic oilpainting
quotes: " of the world´s foremost portrait painters" . "My art aims to tell a timeless story"

Wennerström, Daga - Paintings

Wibom, Sissel- Portraits.

Wikström, Lars - Sculpture, painting, objects.

Wärmling, Ulrika - Painting.

Zakarias, Yngve - Woodcuts, prints, painting, installations

Zetterman, Pernilla -photo, video

Zetterstrand, Kristoffer - Figurative painting.

Ålund, Martin - Painting. Landscapes

Åkesson, Mattias

Åkesson, Mattias

Ölund, Jan-Thomas - painting, multimedia, graphics

Ölund, Per - painting, mixed media

Östling, Lars - watercolors, graphics, portraits, public art.



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